Azad Bedran

Azad Bedran was born in Şanlıurfa/Siverek. He studied Nazime Tatlıcı primary school and graduated IMKB Kayapınar High School. At the age of 10, he started bağlama (Kurdish guitar) training at Dicle Fırat Cultural Center and entered the children’s choir named Koma Kulilken Me. After the years Bedran joined the group named Koma Nujiyan. Participating in many concerts and festivals, this group was terminated for various reasons. For this reason, Azad Bedran released his first solo ‘’ Réwiyén Şad’’ in 2016 with the label of Kom Music. Then, he made lots of single works. He made works to sport clubs like Amedspor and Cizrespor. HDP co-chair Selahattin Demirtaş made a composition called ‘’ aç kaldık özgürlüğe ‘’ and send it to Azad Bedran from Edirne Prison and Bedran sang this song. He can also play lots of music instruments. In 2019, with the songs ‘’ Zindan ‘’ and ‘’ Ez Nisêbin Tu Qamislo ‘’ he made a big debut by watching millions on Youtube. Finally, the album ‘’ Evîna Azad ’’ presented to the audience.